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15th Anniversary Mid-Atlantic Chevelle Show & Swap Meet/ACES Northeast Regional - June 22-23rd. My '72 took 2nd place. noneck.gif (9175 bytes)
Here's an update on ht e new 85 Jeep "Mini-Project" After adding a 4 inch suspension lift and 1/2" shackle lift , I installed new Mickey Thompson Baja Claw radials 35X11.50 and new wheels. I also patched up some holes in the floor. I just had a whole new exhaust system installed and will be taking it for inspection. I then plan on a quickie Maaco paint job and lining the interior with roll on bedliner coating before the top comes off for summer. It had 263,000 miles on it and has a 5 speed 6 cylinder with working air conditioning and came with an almost new soft top in addition to the hard top and doors. I bought it from the original owner's son. It had sat for over a year when I got it, and started right up with a new battery and I drove it home!
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