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Chris's 1970 Chevelle - This is a partially restored SS clone car. It has a 350 engine purchased brand new from a GMC Dealership back in 1988. It originally was a matching numbers 307 Malibu, but I wanted something with a little power. It has a .500 lift solid lift crane cam, Victor Jr intake, and flowmaster exhaust. The heads have had some major work done. The rear end has 4:11 gears, and the transmission is the original (rebuilt) Turbo 350 with a fairbanks shift kit .

The body has all new floor pans, 2 new rear 1/2 quarter panels, 2 new front fenders, and a new fiberglass hood. Just recently I found an SS interior, so that will be my winter project.
This car has been in storage since 1997, and this summer I decided to finish it off. I have owned this car since 1988 and want nothing more than to see it finished off. I bought it from my neighbor back when I was in high school and I am the third owner.