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Paul Kimble's 1969 Chevelle SS Clone, Vandenberg AFB, CA

This car has been graded out as a #4, because it's not original, and is built more to race than show. The engine came from a '69 Impala or Caprice station wagon according to GM. It's backed by a Turbo 400 and a 9" w/3.73 gears . I didn't build the motor, but the guy who did went first class all the way. She's the fastest car around here, for sure.

The car is rust free. The body and paint work are good to very good. The interior is original. The column shifter was removed and replaced by a B&M Pro Stick. The seat belts came from another car as well. The dash idiot lights no longer work, replaced by a gauge package. The tach is mounted to a bracket bolted under the dash, so it can be removed an not ruin the dash. The headliner was replaced, but the seats, door panels, etc. are original.

The car only has 74K and some change original miles; 3K on the motor since rebuild.