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Terry and Gail's 1972 Chevelle Hatchback. The Chevelle started as a plain no option Malibu with a 350. After it had served a long and dependable life (250,000 miles) I decided to do some customizing/recycling. A good friend of mine, who owns a body shop helped. Late one night while playing cards the idea was "hatched" to do something different and I think, not done before. I asked him if the Hatchback from a 73-74 Nova would fit, I had been thinking of this for a while and it appeared it would. He thought so as well. I began to gather parts, I had located a good body with all the right options, bucket seats - console - disc brakes - air-conditioning and a 74 Nova with a solid rear deck. While the body was being modified, I had the chassis for the original Chevelle Blasted and Powder Coated and made ready for the 396 I had rebuilt for this project. Bottom Line, I now have what I believe is one of the most unique Chevelle's around the one that Chevrolet could have - should have but, didn't build. I was a natural marriage between models. The problem is, it looks so stock. Any way I enjoy it and have a great time making up stories about it.