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Frequently Asked Questions
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Good morning NoNeck,
My name is Danny and have been doing a total ground up restoration on a 69
Chevelle which originally had idiot lights. I put a new cluster with gauges and a factory tach, found your website, followed the instructions you laid out and what a very painless conversion.
Just wanted to say thanks!

Thanks again,
Danny McKee
Just wanted to say THANKS for you for the information on the 69 Chevelle gauge cluster conversion from idiot light to the Tech cluster without buying a new wiring harness....I was like you and was told by all to buy a $400 wiring harness, thanks to you i spent maybe $25.00 at the most and 4 hours of work one weekend. It probably would have taken less time but the bonner I got the car form had fun with wire cutters....

Thanks Again,
Mark E. Almeida

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